Being open to new ideas can really pay off.

If yours is like most associations, these days you’re looking for every opportunity to stretch your dollars and grow your resources. Because research shows people are often more willing to give of their time than they are to donate additional funds, Association Elections has partnered with the world’s foremost consumer research group to offer you a revolutionary approach to enhancing your bottom-line. In many cases, the additional revenues created by the Priceless Engagement option are enough to offset your entire elections costs!

For those associations who ask to participate, we simply include a brief mention in your membership communications, letting them know that participating in these premier research panels is now a great way to earn money on behalf of your organization. For every member who agrees to participate in these simple email-based studies, Association Elections pays your organization a set fee that can range from $20 - $100. For example, if your membership is 10,000 strong and only a mere 2% agree to participate on behalf of the association (a choice imminently preferable to increased dues!), for a study that pays $35 your group stands to make $7000! For many groups, that’s enough to finance the cost of attracting new members or providing new services!

For more details on how putting this exciting new program to work can change your association or group’s finances, call Association Elections today at 1-805-382-2819.