We got their votes. What will it take to earn yours?

As you know, we’re not a very tech-savvy group. But you were able to accommodate all of our needs, even helping us to engage those members without email addresses.

Thanks to you, Mike, and to your super-accommodating people. We didn’t make earning our trust easy, but Association Elections “passed” with flying colors.

Trying to “DIY” the election process with web-based software proved to be a big time-waster. Only wish we’d have known this level of election support was available.

Nice work! It’s like they say: when you want something done, ask a busy person.
When you want something done right, ask a specialist!

For our Board, the priorities were both cost and election integrity. Now, we’re seeing that your company’s understanding of the Association Mindset is resulting in greater participation and engagement, too.

In a word: better. In two: cheaper, too!